Arabic Diploma Syllabus

Mandatory Arabic Classics Course

These days waL-Hamdu Lillaah, more and more Muslims are familiar with basic Arab-Islaamic terminology. And more and more Muslims are able to introduce themselves and have short polite exchanges in Arabic. These people are beyond the basics but are often at a loss as to what to do next. The Mandatory Arabic Classics Course responds to their needs and will take the student, [in shaa Allaah] beyond the basics. This course is designed to take the student’s Arabic IQ to another level.

The First Classic: Laamiyatul af-'AaL

This classic was written by the famous Moorish Scholar, MuHammad ibnu Maalik. [RaHimahullaah] It has been used for centuries to teach students how to understand the meanings of words based solely on their shape or form.

The Second Classic: Aajurumiyyah

grammar are covered in an easy unintimidating fashion. So much so, that by the time a student finishes Ajurumiyyah he will never be afraid of grammar again.

The Third Classic: The Poet's Dimension

This is a modern work filled to the rim with classical benefit. It is a book designed to teach Arabic Poetry. In doing so it takes the student on an imaginary journey to the Poet’s Dimension. This book will live in the heart of its reader forever.  And Allaah knows best.

The Fourth Classic: The Mu'AlliQaat Saba-'i

This classic was the most impacting work in the Arabic language BEFORE the Quraan was revealed. In fact, even the meanings of some Quraanic words are taken in light of the meanings they had in the Mu’alliQaat. No true study of Arabic can be done without a reading of the Mu’alliQaat. By the end of this course the student will have Arabic in his heart, in his mind, and in his long term memory. Having developed the context of Arabic, as the language and culture that is pertinent for furthering his islaamic growth.

This, wal Hamdu Lillaah

Teacher: Shaykh Abu Taubah

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$100 a Month


Course starts on January 24, 2022


Our courses are offered in a fully equipped virtual classroom. The classrooms includes tools such as a white board, chat box, microphones, webcam, screen sharing, attendees list, and much more. All features included are accessible to both staff and students.


Each student is expected to participate via microphones and chat box and attend as many live classes weekly as possible. Full class participation in class is how the majority of the student’s grades will be generated. Weekly assignments are to be completed and submitted to professors upon request.

Diploma Courses will take approximately 1 year to 16 months to complete.

Classes are live online.

All classes are recorded for convenience of missed sessions.