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Master the A to Z sciences of the Arabic Language.

  • Take a journey from the Arabic alphabet letter by letter all the way to the higher sciences of the language such as NaHwu, Sarf, Conversational Arabic and Balaagha.
  • At the completion of this course the students should have acquired enough knowledge of the various sciences in the Arabic language to take them to ANY science of the religion In shaa Allaah ان شاء الله.

Ultimate Arabic Syllabus

Fundamental Basics

  • Level 01: Letter by Letter
  • Level 02: Master Letters
  • Level 03: Nooraniyyah
  • Level 04: Al-Binaa

After student Finishes these, they can opt to continue their Arabic studies with advance Arabic Courses we offer.

Class Info

Teacher: Abu Hadhayfah

Where: Interactive virtual classroom. 

How: Each student is expected to participate via microphones and chat box and attend as many live classes weekly as possible. Full class participation in class is how the majority of the student’s grades will be generated. Weekly assignments are to be completed and submitted to professors upon request.