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Aqeedah Diploma Syllabus Explained

AQeedah Diploma Syllabus

Also, by the end of the course, the student will [in shaa Allaah] clearly understand the beautiful names of Allaah. The stages of this course is as follows:

1. Practical AQeedah Basics

  • During this stage, the student is introduced to overlooked basics in the study of AQeedah. Like: The definition of AQeedah, the meaning of the second shahaadah, and the basics of Walaa and Baraa.

2. A string of Pearls

  • A String of Pearls is an English poem based on the AQeedah of Imaam al-Bukhaari. Due to the fact that Bukhaari's name is synonymous with authenticity; that every point of his AQeedah was unanimously agreed upon by over a thousand scholars of his time,
  • And due to the fact that his AQeedah has only 10 points, we feel that the AQeedah of Imaam al-Bukhaari is the perfect starting point for a student of AQeedah. And Allaah knows best.

3.Take Your AQeedah From Quraan & Sunnah

  • This is a thorough but basic book set up in the question and answer format. Each chapter focuses on one issue and easy authentic proofs are provided in each answer. This book is a modern classic that is used in many Islaamic Learning Centers around the world. Darul Hadeeth Khayriyyah in Makkah, Zayed Centre for New Muslims in UAE and here at Timbuktu Seminary to name a few.

4. Kitaab at-TawHeed

  • No true study into AQeedah can be done without reading this book. It is another modern-day classic. It lays out the issues of Tawheed one by one in an increasingly stair-stepped manner allowing the student to grow before moving on to the next issue.

5. ManDZoomah fi asmaaillaahil Husnaa. 

  • After Kitaabut TawHeed the only things left for a student to learn are the beautiful names of Allaah. The Poem presented here is filled with the principles necessary to properly understand the beautiful and perfect names of Allaah. And because it is a poem, it is not only easy to remember but a fun way to learn.

6. AQeedatul Waasitiyyah

  • This is a classical work on AQeedah written by the famous Hambali Scholar ibn taymiyyah. Originally written for the people of Waasit, it has become the go-to AQeedah for beginners due to the clarity of its language. We believe this work is the best way to wrap up the loose ends regarding the Fundamentals of AQeedah.

This, WalHamdu Lillaah

Class Info

Teacher: Aboo Mahmood Khadar

Where: Interactive virtual classroom. 

How: Each student is expected to participate via microphones and chat box and attend as many live classes weekly as possible. Full class participation in class is how the majority of the student’s grades will be generated. Weekly assignments are to be completed and submitted to professors upon request.