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Hadeeth Diploma Syllabus Explained

Hadeeth Diploma Syllabus

1. BayQooniyyah Plus

Many sincere, wanna-be students of Hadeeth want to know, what do I have to do to become, “ahlul Hadeeth”? Well, wonder no more. BayQooiyyah Plus is a skills-based Preparatory-Hadeeth class. Its students will learn; the history of the Science, the mentality and manners of ahlul Hadeeth, its basic terminology, the biographies of its major scholars, the difference between narrating a Hadeeth literally and by its meaning, and the rules and regulations that must be followed when narrating a Hadeeth by its meaning. This is a must for further study in Hadeeth sciences.

2. Arba'Een Nawaawi

After learning MustaliHul Hadeeth, the students will learn the most comprehensive Hadeeth in islaam. The famous Forty Hadeeth compiled by Imaam an-Nawawi. [RaHimahullaah] These Hadeeth encompass the core concepts of islaam and during this part of the course, the students will become, [in shaa Allaah] intimately familiar with them.

3. Umdatul AHkaam

During this part of the course, the students are immediately immersed in the work of MuHadditheen. They are shown example after example of how scholars have used Hadeeth as a piece of general evidence, or as a pointed detail for every one of the AHkaam. As Umdatul AHkaam only uses Hadeeth from Bukhaari and Muslim, the student is trained to establish proof using authentic Hadeeth. By the end of this course, the student should be thoroughly trained and properly prepared to sit for Hadeeth. And Allaah knows best.

This, walHamdu Lillaah

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Class Info

Teacher: Shaykh Abu Taubah

Where: Interactive virtual classroom. 

How: Each student is expected to participate via microphones and chat box and attend as many live classes weekly as possible. Full class participation in class is how the majority of the student’s grades will be generated. Weekly assignments are to be completed and submitted to professors upon request.