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Traveling in search of knowledge is difficult, so we will bring it to you.

Start your journey to traditional Islaamic educational path. Learn from classical texts that have been passed down from the first generations of Muslims. We will guide you in applying what you've learn in a practical way.

Simplicity in Learning with Supporting Community.

Allaah has made seeking knowledge easier than ever. The internet allows students to acquire knowledge right from their very homes. Our objective is to take advantage of this technology and free ourselves and those around us from ignorance and falsehood. We invite you to join us and we hope to see you in class.

From Students

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alHamdulillaah I have benefited a lot from the classes at the seminary, all of the teachers that I have been in class with have always had a lot of energy and offer a lot of motivation maasha'allaah.


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The Timbuktu experience has really benefitted me and I am very happy to be a part of it. The teachers are professional and courteous but also makes the learning relatable and fun!